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Since its inception over 25 years ago, DICO has built a tradition on quality, bringing itself to a well-earned position of strength and leadership in the soft drink industry. Today, we are proud of our achievements and committed to outstanding company citizenship which creates a climate of excellence that makes DICO an exceptional place to work and do business.

Our mission is to be the best of the best manufacturers among the beverages industry and to achieve leadership position in the soft drinks market by serving the needs of our customers in innovative ways- by being the best in everything we do.
Saying the best, we mean a consistent growing company that produce quality products with superior service. With a stable and successful company, we can facilitate continuous improvement to our products and continue to serve those to whom we are responsible ( our customers and employees). So to meet our future goals, we must be guided by a set of principles and values that we believe are fundamental to our continued growth and success.

Our policy is to give our customers the best value for their time and money. so we put our customers first-anticipate their wants-satisfy their needs and make their satisfaction our first priority. Taking the initiatives to set priorities, excute plans, and constantly move forward to meet our long and short term objectives. We constantly interact with and listen to our customers, suppliers and fellow employees- so that we are ready and aware of any trends or changes when appropriate.

We believe that these principles are the blue print for success for years to come, and if we live by then, we will achieve our mission by always maintaining a spirit of excellence in everything we do.





Derhim Industrial Company Ltd. exports it's products in many Arabic and African countries.

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