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At DICO we understand the need for versatile products to satisfy different needs, that is why the range of our products is the most extensive in the market place with flexible production and packaging capabilities to enable us to cater for individual customer needs . It comprises various sizes and packages of carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drink, and still water, and it is divided into the following categories:


We have also some other seasonal products which we produce on certain occasions or as a compliance with the preference of our consumers , as it changes from time to time.

Now , as diversification has become very important in the past decade or so for the growth and development of industrial companies to have various products of the same or different nature, we have installed an ice plant as to meet the demands of inhabitants of hot climatic province like where we are, where elevated temperature by-pass 40 Celsius during summer season.

Besides that we also decided to go for different venue and built a plastic factory for making plastic carrier bags, wrapping shrink films, crates and other plastic items of various sizes for various usages.

Last but not least ,as a sole agent for moussy and holsten non-alcoholic malt beverages in Yemen, DICO has been in an exclusive distributorship agreement with Carlsberg breweries A/S. since 1993,to promote and sell its non-alcoholic malt beverages products in Yemen.




Derhim Industrial Company Ltd. exports it's products in many Arabic and African countries.

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